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Aeraco is America’s Hard Rock band, born and bred in Chicago, IL. With influences drawn from 80s legends like Def Leppard/Van Halen and modern rockers like Disturbed/Avenged Sevenfold, the band has an eclectic musical writing style and a diverse musical palate. With the mixture of modern days heavy rock sound, epic 80’s riffs and powerful vocals, Aeraco sets the bar high.

Birthed in the heart of Chicago, Aeraco started off with guitarist Spidey and drummer Misfit looking for the right pieces to the puzzle. After searching high and low their efforts brought them to front man Ace. The combination of Spidey’s impeccable hairstyle, Misfit’s over the top character and Ace’s wild on stage persona-the band was near completion. Soon after, Beast was found and the combination was complete.

Their first album “All Or Nothing” has garnered the band incredible local support from the Chicago music scene, national attention with their critically acclaimed music videos and International attention with a growing popularity in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world.