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Aeraco’s debut album “All Or Nothing” is an onslaught of powerful guitar riffs, barrage of melodic runs and vocal attack destined to please. The band started prepping for their album in the fall of 2014. After vigorous rehearsals and lengthy preparation the band was finally ready to hit the studio. They began recording in January of 2015 and officially released the album that February.


“Recording drums was crazy. I laid tracks for about 20 hours straight. We sat there and pounded the pavement relentlessly to make sure the timeline was being adhered to”, Misfit recalls. After that, it was on to the guitar tracks for the band. Finally the bass and vocals were to be added. “Some of the lyrics are written, sometimes they’re spontaneous. I wrote a lot of the lyrics months before and some literally 5 minutes before recording. It boils down to how I feel and sometimes I call lyrical audible and change things. Being in the studio was an amazing writing experiencer”, says Ace.

The album was written and produced mostly by Ace, Misfit and Spidey. “We are proud of our debut. We wouldn’t have it any other way”, Spidey explains. But after looking past the bands debut album, whats most impressive seems to be the tight recording regiment the band set for themselves while recording. “All Or Nothing” took a total of a week to make. All the material was prepped and ready to be recorded right when the band went in to get the job done.

This album is sure to please people from all genres and walks. “Feel the Wind” is an acoustic song that has a light classic rock feel while “Lullaby” has more of a modern progressive hard rock vibe that contains heartfelt lyrics, blistering solos and a true head banger for a finale. This doesn’t even include the signature 80’s sound the band has mixed with modern heaviness that is depicted in songs like “Hero” and “Grimm. Both “She’s Alot to Lose” and “This Life” have a combination of modern hard rock and old school 80’s esque riffs that have given them international attention. Sure to suit listeners of all backgrounds, the ability to please many different crowds and having the on stage attack needed to amaze-this is truly “America’s Hard Rock Band”. Aeraco has put themselves on the map with a debut album sure to cause mischief and mayhem.

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