Member Profile Information

The information you enter in your profile is used by us to communicate directly with you. We do do not share any email or other personal information with third parties. The exceptions to this are when we are served a valid court order or other legal requirement that compels us to provide information to law enforcement or government agency. See our terms of use for more details.

We maintain our computer servers in a secure datacenter. We make reasonable efforts to protect the information on our server against theft. Due to the complexity of software and the many bad bad people that try to compromise computer servers, we can not guarantee that your information will never be stolen.

We never store credit card information on our servers. If we don’t have it, it can’t be stolen.

Logging into the site using Facebook or Google

The Aeracomusic site supports an authentication system called OA Auth that allows you to register or login to our site using your Facebook or Google credentials. This authentication takes place directly with Facebook or Google. Aeracomusic does not have access to your credentials from these two sites. You can discontinue this feature at anytime from your Facebook or Google application settings.

By using Facebook or Google to connect to the Aeracomusic website, you are sharing basic information from your profiles at those sites with us. You can read more about Facebook Connect and Google+.

This policy only applies to this Aeracomusic site.  This site links to other websites including other Aeracomusic affiliated sites  that may have different privacy policies, or no policy at all.